CBD You Can Trust

Located in historic downtown Wilmington NC on Greenfield lake, Persephones Farm is a family-owned and operated commercial Hemp farm facility. Fully State licensed and lab-tested we pride ourselves on craft greenhouse-grown “High-Quality Hemp.” Using organic practices with zero pesticides or harmful sprays allows us to stay transparent and ethical in the competitive hemp industry.

From soil to oil we use strictly organic practices to keep our products “true to the plant” and safe. By never using any chemical solvents while processing our Hemp extracts our product results in a highly effective saturation of the body’s Endocannabinoid System.

Our Hemp is cultivated specifically for the plant to senesce and ripen naturally providing high levels of secondary metabolites such as cannabinoids like CBD, Terpenes, and Flavonoids. This ensures a pleasurable and amplified experience whether ingesting our smokable flower or dosing our Hemp oil.

We support local and small businesses in our community and participate in outreach through vending at one of the many farm markets and events around town.